Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A ThAnK YoU PoSt

Life is so short, it's not like I realized it today morning... but,, when I woke up today.. I felt like.. I have been ignoring so many things I have in this life, things which I gradually made, things which came to me with or without my consent, for all I felt I must take out some time and analyze over things and thank the best and beautiful out of those and thank the rest with a sweet smile inside my brain with all the warmth my heart can provide.

And here goes the list: 

1. Thanking the people who bought me to the world without my consent..:) gave me this education and made me independent and gave me the freedom to build my thoughts and my world.

2. Next to the person who I could never match my attitude with, but over time we realized we had something very common within us, yeah.. we think alike, we have our part of differences, but there is something which makes us sit together without sleep.. and can talk talk & talk over so many things random things under the sky..... and I thank you for everything...for the fights, for the love, for the talks, for the drives, everything...I love you so much.... even though I seldom call you I rarely message.... you are a part of me.... which is inseparable!!!

3. The person who wakes the child in me..;), who helps me walk my everyday life, who makes my life interesting like in those movies:) whose name can bring a smile to my face, yeah...the love of my life!

4.My best friends, who can make a sick evening wonderful, for whom I never mind sitting late and chatting, who makes me laugh, remembers every stupidity of mine :X.. thanks for being my best friends, thanks for giving me your shoulders to cry on whenever I break my heart.. thanks for making me think on random things.. thanks for being part of my life,.... love you so much...I know these words are not enough...: * >:D<.

5. Finally, thanks to all the quirky friends who I have done all the crazy stuff with which have become the worst and best memories of my life!

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